Working directly with construction materials and processes, my practice addresses and derives meaning from the unique qualities of the western built environment. In works that exist between sculpture and two-dimensional media, I use ubiquitous products like ceiling tiles, drywall, insulation, and tarps as both symbolic elements and substrate for drawing, painting, and embroidery.

My approach is driven by an interest in the novel properties of industrial products, their cultural significance, and functional use. Created using both construction tools and traditional craft and fine art techniques, I aim to make objects that feel both derived from and incongruous with the utilitarian nature of the materials that I work with. 

Combining the innate language of cheap industrial materials with applied layers of meaning and narrative, I offer the viewer a means of connecting to and questioning how our society conceives of and constructs space. Through this process of personalizing and manipulating the materiality and construction of architectural spaces, the work aims to create alternate ways of understanding the environments we inhabit on a daily basis.

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